Friday, March 4, 2011

Female Hunter and Gun Enthusiast

Today we have a great story from the Daily Mail:

Today, Miss Giles remains one of America's most promising big game hunters, with an impressive kill sheet for someone so young: One whitetail deer, one black buck, one giant bear, one antelope and of course that behemoth buffalo.
‘I’m just at my happiest when I’m hunting,’ Miss Giles said. ‘I’m driven to hunt by the love of the sport, the thrill of the kill - hunting rejuvenates my soul. It’s an awesome experience.’
The meat from the giant bison Miss Giles is seen posing with is enough to feed a man for 18 months. She donated her kill to a local homeless shelter, where the meat fed the needy.
‘It’s tender, sweet and tastes better than beef,’ she said, before pausing a second. ‘And it’s high in protein and low in fat, too.’
She is, after all, a teenage girl who is looking after her figure. Link to story


  1. wow thanks for doing the work on finding my wife for me! ahaa

  2. i don't see why it's taboo for a woman to shoot a gun, but i guess it is kind of rare to see in media and things these days. cool story!

  3. its unusual to see a girl hunting, and a cute one...

  4. Wow, that's cool!, I've actually never met one o.o

  5. Excellent post. I would like to see a pic of that bison!