Wednesday, March 9, 2011

20,000 Troops massing near North Korean Boarder

Currently, reports of almost 100,000 people gathering in preparation for one of North Korea's largest Military parades have been released. Kim Jong-Un is expected to replace his father, current dictator or North Korea in the coming decade and this parade is the first symbol of his commemoration. The North Korean Military is also expected to step-up military pressure on the South to re-invigorate the common goal of reunification for the new leader.

The parade, in which 20,000 troops are expected to participate, will mark another major step in Kim Jong-un’s emergence before North Korea and the world. Until photographs and video of him at a Sept. 28 Workers' Party conference were distributed late last week, few people had any idea what he looked like. An indicator of the son's rising status, the conference saw Kim Jong-un named vice chairman of the party’s newly formed military commission and a member of the party’s central committee. 
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  1. Scary news. Hoping for the best for the two Koreas.