Thursday, March 3, 2011

HD and Plinking Shotguns other than 12 Ga

10 Gauge Shotguns
Basically 10Ga is just a novelty item. The recoil is overwhelming powerful and unstable for any bu the strongest among us and it is not practical for anything other than a range toy. Big, loud, expensive and overpowered to the point of unsuitability.

12 Gauge
Standard for HD, combat, military and hunting small / medium game. Wide variety of shot types, inexpensive and readily available.Recommend for all avid shotgunners.

16 Gauge
Middle ground between 20 and 12. Not very useful in my opinion, not a good training guide, not powerful enough to easily hunt larger game and shot type are limited compared to 12 gauge. 

20 Gauge
Popular youth type. Used in training and introduction to shotguns, popular for hunting small game and target shooting. Great tool for teaching your children about gun safely and have a great time at the range at the same time.

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  1. had no idea there were this many different kinds of shot guns, the more you know!