Saturday, March 5, 2011

British SAS Soldiers captured by Libyan Rebels

8 British SAS Special Forces Soldiers were taken captive by a group of rebels in Libya. (Report photo left.)

The report claims that:
Eight SAS men, in plain clothes but armed, were captured as they escorted the diplomat in eastern Libya. The SAS soldiers were taken to Benghazi, the rebel stronghold, where they are being interrogated.

 Aside from the obvious "SAS captured by rebels," what will this mean in terms of coming support and aid from the British and all western government if these rebels are intent on spitting in the face of those that are offering aid? Link to Story


  1. Hope they return home safely!

  2. Fake story, already been used before

    from 2005

    1. Bandages in the sames places
    2. color of clothes of each guy
    3. Wall color and floor pattern

  3. Yeah, fake pics. I've remember seeing them before.

  4. yeah,i agree with the fake pics. These pics are from when 2 british soldiers went crazy in iraq and started shooting civilians.

  5. i remember this from some years ago... lol,followed

  6. oh no D:
    Something tells me that the events happening in Libya right now are going to last much longer than Egypt.